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Daniele Orlando

Student of Dénes Szigmondy – descendant of the celebrated schools of Z. Francescatti and C.
Flesch - Daniele Orlando specialized with Ana Chumachenco and Boris Kuschnir.
He was a member of Claudio Abbado’s Mozart Orchestra and since 2014 he is the Concertmaster
of I Solisti Aquilani. He also collaborates as Concertmaster with the Orchestra of Padova and Veneto.
He performed Concertos by Beethoven, Tschaikowsky, Sibelius, Mendelssohn, Ghedini, the 5 Mozart Violin Concertos with Sinfonia Concertante and a memorabile execution of the Vivaldi Four Season at the Berliner Philahrmonie.
Donato Renzetti said about him:“...I believe without doubt that Daniele Orlando is one of the most
important discoveries of the new generation of soloists".
He has performed in United States, Latin America, Russia, Germany, France, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Sweden, collaborating with artists such as Krzysztof
Penderecki, Bruno Canino, Giovanni Sollima, Alessandro Carbonare, Michele Campanella. He performed the Donizzetti Violin and Cello Concerto with Giovanni Sollima, live for the Italian Television RAI1.
He did the premiere of the "Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra" by Lasse Thoresen, with the Rome Opera Theater Orchestra and of many works by Diego Conti, who dedicated him both the piece “Edging” for solo violin and "20 Duetti" for two violins.
He is Violin Professor at the State Conservatory of Monopoli, Italy.
He plays a violin by G. B. Ceruti, 1805.