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The Dutch viola player Elisabeth Smalt works primarily as a chamber musician, in styles varying from period instrument performance to extremely new music. She also has recorded many chamber music and solo works. Since 1996 Smalt has been a member of the Brussels-based prize-winning ensemble Oxalys which specialises in Romantic and Impressionistic repertoire. With the Prisma String Trio she develops innovative programmes that seek interaction with their audiences. Since 2015 she is artistic leader of the Amsterdam based Scordatura Ensemble, which performs contemporary music with a special interest in unusual tuning systems. This year Scordatura is touring with their program 'Rose Petal Jam', with Harry Partch's early chamber music. In 2001 she commissioned an exact copy of the Partch viola and she is one of the few musicians to perform his music in this authentic way. Several composers made solo pieces for her:  for example Christopher Fox, Deirdre McKay, Frank Denyer, Rozalie Hirs, Phill Niblock, Yannis Kyriakides, Patrick Ozzard-Low and Horatiu Radulescu. Smalt was co-director with visual artist Harm Mouw of Amsterdam’s KlankKleurFestival from 2005 to 2011, a collaboration between chamber musicians and visual artists. With the fortepiano player Riko Fukuda she recently started the ensemble Eruditio Musica. Their first project was a concert series around letters that she recently found of Robert and Clara Schumann in correspondence with her great-great grandfather, a concert organiser in Rotterdam who had close contact with them on their last tour to Holland. The letters were published in 2010 by the Robert-Schumann Gesellschaft in Germany.

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