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Juan Esteban Cuacci

Pianist, Composer
Juan Esteban Cuacci was born 1973 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a self-taught musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer.
In 2014, he was named Outstanding Personality of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires by the city government.
He started his professional career at the age of 12, establishing himself as a pianist, arranger and composer of Argentinean and Latin-American popular music.
During his youth, he found Tango as his home. For more than ten years he was Susana Rinaldi’s pianist. and worked with artists such as Raúl Lavié, Rubén Juarez, Sandra Luna, Juan Carlos Copes, María Nieves, Susana Blazko, Alfredo Piro and Graciela Novellino.
Outside the tango and related with others musics such as Latin American folklore, jazz, rock, classical and contemporary music, pop and many differents world music, and as well as theatrical experiences, he worked with artists such as, Paloma San Basilio, Elena Roger, Inés Rinaldi, Alejo Stivel, Bagge, Sven-Bertil Taube, Kriminal Tango, Miriam Martino, Gabriela Bergallo, Olga Gillot, Sara Montiel, Elena Lucena, Chela Ruiz, Maria Rosa Gallo, Zenon Recalde, Florencia Aragón, Rudy Chernicoff, Manuel Callau, Julio Bocca y Liza Minelli.
Cuacci was principal soloist pianist of the Symphonic Orchestras of Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Bahia Blanca, Montevideo, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Murcia, Seinajoki, Chamber Orchestra of La Plata, National Chamber Orchestra of Andorra, Philharmonic Orchestra of Coburg, Wind Orchestra SL Stockholm and the Symphonic Band of Huelva, bringing always Argentinian music all over the world and renewing its repertoire.
Since 1990 he has done countless world tours.
At the year 2000 he established himself in Europe: first in Sweden and then in Spain.
For six years he was pianist and musical director of the Spanish pop artists, Raphael.
From his personal projects there are fourteen albums: “Siempre en la Trinchera” (2017) with Marcelo Mercadante, “Tango Vivo” (2016) and “Sin Red” with Pablo Agri (2014),“Solos” with Sandra Luna (2011), “Tiempo y Aparte” (2010), “Lugar” with Graciela Novellino (2009), “Cuacci & Cuacci” (2007), “Original Blend” with Ramiro Obedman (2007), “Tango Ao Vivo“ (2006), “A Ningun Lado“ (2004), “Novo ArTango“ (2003), “Cantando a Jobim” with Susana Moreira (2002), “Skanstull, Tango Trio” with Lila Horovitz and Mike Augustsson (2001) and “Live in Stockholm” with Lila Horovitz (2000).
Currently, he is constantly expanding the Argentine music around the world and renewing its repertoire. In 2015, he wrote the music for the “Operita” “Caprichos de Luna” over the Leopoldo Flumini´s libretto. He forms two piano duo, one with the brilliant Maria Martinova, and another with the great argentinian classical pianist Horacio Lavandera, playing in both duos music writing by Cuacci
At the same time he arranges popular music for numerous groups, not only of traditional tango ones, but also for artists such a Giora Feidman, Avi Avital, the Swedish band Tangarte, etc. He is also in charge of various tango workshops around the world and collaborates in various projects with artists such as Gabriela Bergallo, Olvido Lanza, Pablo Agri and Marcelo Mercadante, playing his most recent compositions and arrangements of contemporary tango.