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Roland Satterwhite is an American violinist/violist and singer. He has lived in Berlin since 2008. As
a violist, he composes for, and fronts the band Tolyqyn. He also performs his original songs solo
with the help of pedals and occasional sparing use of a loop machine. His songs are largely inspired
by Delta Blues and West African Kora and Griot music traditions, but have the authenticity of an
artist who has found his unique voice. Roland has developed his own way of plucking the viola. His
lyrics cover subjects from war to love to animals. He has experimented with theatrical delivery, and
has done a one man show at the english theatre in Berlin. He was also invited to perform at TEDx
Hamburg. As a composer, he has scored the ZDF feature film Abgebrannt, as well as numerous
short films. As a violinist, he has toured internationally and played with musicians as diverse as
Albita, Pedrito Martinez, Ariacne Trujillo (USA), Pupy y los que Son Son (Cuba), Marta Gomez,
Agujetas Chico, Jorge Pardo (Spain), Marta Topferova (Czechia) Django Lassi (Germany) Fanfare
Kalashnikov (Germany/Romania)