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Yanna Pelser

Dutch violist and Resonance coach Yanna Pelser studied classical viola in Rotterdam, Detmold and
Tilburg with teachers Gisella Bergman and Diemut Poppen.
After finishing her master's degree she received two grants (VSB-fonds and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds), to finance a special education abroad: 'Teachers Training Resonanzlehre, Musikphysiologie für Musiker' in Berlin. In June 2018 she succesfully finished three intense and inspiring years there with Resonanzlehre-founder and trainer Thomas Lange. Having gained much knowledge about the role of the human body in music-making, she now is a Resonance coach for musicians who would like to explore the possibilities of enriching their playing with more quality of sound, freedom in movement and richness of emotional expression.
Besides her passion for coaching, Yanna is a driven orchestral and chamber musician, as well as improvising violist and vocalist in non-classical music groups. With jazz- and world music ensembles she toured in China, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Canary Islands and Cape Verde. She collaborated with singers Karsu, Celine Cairo and Flip Noorman. Currently she is receiving a physical acting-training at Oorkaan Amsterdam for a theater production, to be performed in 2019.