avatar for Andrew Braddock

Andrew Braddock

Western Kentucky University (USA)
avatar for Paul Eggen

Paul Eggen

avatar for Bernard Foing

Bernard Foing

European Space Agency
avatar for Molly Gebrian

Molly Gebrian

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (USA)
avatar for Max Knigge

Max Knigge

Conductor, Composer
avatar for Heather Kurzbauer

Heather Kurzbauer

University of Amsterdam
avatar for Kathryn Lowman

Kathryn Lowman

University of Maryland (USA)
avatar for Leo Samama

Leo Samama

Composer-in-Residence IVC2018
avatar for Kristofer Skaug

Kristofer Skaug

avatar for Carlos Maria Solare

Carlos Maria Solare

International Viola Society
avatar for Sophie Vroegop

Sophie Vroegop

Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (The Netherlands)
avatar for Myra Yeung

Myra Yeung

Northern Kentucky School of Music of Immanuel (USA)